Questions Before New Unit Installation

In order to help you find the best option for your budget, we will have a conversation with you before installing a new air conditioner, heater, or HVAC system. Here are some of the questions you can expect.

What is your best guess on the age of the HVAC equipment?

While the overall age of your air conditioner and heater may not be the only factor when considering whether to repair or replace, it is definitely an important one for consideration. Some clients are not aware of the exact age, which is very okay. Many clients tell us the HVAC equipment is original to the home, or provide an approximate range, like 10-15 years.

What do you like about your current air conditioning and heating system?

This is likely not a question many HVAC contractors are asking, but we feel this is very important information. When looking into replacing a system it is very helpful to understand what the clients have enjoyed most about their current HVAC system. If your system is still running, hasn’t had many recent repairs, and the client seems to like most everything about their current system, we are likely going to recommend they wait to replace their air conditioner and/or heater.

What do you NOT like about your current air conditioning and heating system?

We believe the answers to this question are equally as important as what you do like about your HVAC system. Many air conditioning and heating contractors simply recommend replacing the existing system with one just like it. This may or may not be a good solution, we would never know without discovering how you truly felt about your existing HVAC system. What the client does and does not like about their existing system is extremely useful in coming up with a permanent solution.

How important is home comfort to you?

Years of working in this market and industry have helped us learn to never assume anything. Some clients have told us nothing is more important than their home comfort, and they keep their home 72 degrees all year-round. Many other clients tell us it is not as important to them, they are more interested in conserving energy and managing their utility costs. There are many options for heating and air conditioning equipment, not every product is right for every client in every situation. Knowing how important specifically your home comfort is to you can help us to not waste your valuable time by discussing features and benefits you may have any interest in.

What is your timeline?

We always ask this rather than guessing at or assuming what the client’s timeline may be. While some clients may be in a situation where their air conditioner and/or furnace are not working correctly and need immediate attention, many other clients have a functioning HVAC system and are simply interested in exploring the option of replacing their heating and air conditioning equipment. Either way, it is helpful for us to know what your timeline is so that we can accommodate.

How long do you expect to remain in the home?

While this may seem like an odd question initially, there are a lot of options available when determining which systems make the most sense for the client. We may recommend a different HVAC system for a client planning to sell the home in a year, versus a client who plans to remain in the home for 20+ years.

Have you ever worked with an Air Conditioning or heating Contractor before?

When visiting with a potential new client, we will often ask this question. If the answer is no, that is very okay and we are happy to become a new resource for you. If yes, then we simply want to know what you liked, and possibly did not like about the experience. Your expectations are very important to us, as is your past experience(s). We always want to have a discussion about your expectations, if we do not feel we can meet or exceed them, we will likely decline the project altogether.