We have multiple financing options in place for clients are interested, but this is definitely not something we typically bring up. We believe that suggesting financing to each client as a sales approach can make for some very awkward and unpleasant client interactions.

We don’t partake in what seems to be an industry tactic of “selling you on a payment.” In fact, we aren’t here to “sell” anything at all. Our job is to help you find solutions that fit your needs and budget.

If you ask us about financing, we are happy to walk you through our process. But if you don’t ask, it probably won’t come up. Many of our customers work with us on costly projects. We think it’s unfair to sell you something that’s out of your budget and will require a financing plan if we can find you a solution that does fit your budget.

We are happy to have a conversation with you about financing if you have the need or desire to do so. Please do not be surprised if we do not bring it up otherwise, as we don’t wish to waste any of your time discussing things you may have no interest in.