Breaker Box Upgrades

Your breaker box distributes electrical power from its central location to the rest of your home and property. Breaker boxes can be confusing for homeowners, though.

Breaker boxes are called many different names: electrical panel, breaker panel, fuse box, distribution panel, switchboards, circuit breaker boxes and panels, to name a few. Larger homes may have more than one.

Whatever you call the heart of your electrical system, there are several reasons why you may need a professional for service.

Circuit breaker keeps tripping

Sometimes this means your circuit breaker itself needs to be replaced, but most often it indicates other underlying issues. We can diagnose any existing issues and provide options on how to permanently resolve them.

Needing to add new electrical circuit

If you add more than one power outlet or light fixture and switch for your home, you may need to add one or more dedicated circuits. Most panels will have open spaces to do so, but some older or undersized panels may not have the space. in that case, you may need to consider upgrading your electrical panel to a larger one.

Need more room in the panel

All electrical panels have a finite number of spaces. If your home has a smaller electrical panel, we may be able to install a larger panel in your breaker box. If there is not a larger panel available for the size of your electrical service, we can upgrade your system.

Electrical Service Upgrades

Older homes were built with 60 amp services, which today is not enough power to use common appliances at the same time. Today, homes range from having 100-400 amp services. If the panel in your home doesn’t have room to accommodate your needs and a larger electrical service is required, Baxter Electric is happy to advise you and provide options.