Started in 1976 by namesake and founder, Robert Baxter, Baxter Electric been one of the leading service providers in the Edmond and surrounding Oklahoma City metro communities.  Baxter Electric focused on residential new construction and wired thousands and thousands of homes in our market for decades.

While always performing some repair services, the Company grew to its largest size working alongside some of the premiere homebuilders in town, at one time growing to the largest privately held, non-Union electrical contractor in Oklahoma.

In 2006, the current Owner Leo ‘Steve’ Wynn came into the picture, partnering with Robert Baxter to launch a heating and air conditioning division to better service our clients.  Baxter Electric, Heating & Air Conditioning was born, becoming one of the only service providers in the entire state to focus on electrical, heating and cooling services.

In late 2007 and early 2008, the housing market both nationally and locally came under fire.  The credit market was drying up quickly, leaving countless businesses with some very unpleasant decisions to make.  Steve Wynn assumed 100% control of the business and began exiting the residential new construction market.

This decision was not without a great many challenges, most notably going from roughly 75 employees to about 20 in under a year.  Energies were refocused in the areas of residential and commercial maintenance and repair services, though new construction was still a part of the business mix.

In 2010, Baxter started offering plumbing services as well, making us a total comfort solution for homes and businesses in Edmond and surrounding Oklahoma City metro area communities. We experienced rapid growth in all three service areas, the demand for services in our underserved market were ever increasing.

In late 2013 we experienced a major shift in paradigm and decided we would no longer participate in the new construction market, whether residential or commercial, instead focusing all energy into the maintenance and repair side of the business.  This shift in business model has allowed us to fully focus on the service aspect of the business and begin forging some powerful relationships within our community.

In 2015 we made the strategic decision to abandon our plumbing services, instead focusing all energy into electrical, heating and cooling maintenance and repair.  We are happy to refer anyone to a number of plumbers we currently have relationships with, even though we are no longer performing these services.

Our current business model is servicing both residential and commercial markets equally.   Each market has its own complexities, needs, wants and demands.  As we continue to evolve as a service provider, we will maintain the high level of service our clients have come to expect.   We rarely concern ourselves with how our competition does business, instead focusing on how our clients expect us to do business.   We are always happy to visit regarding any valuable feedback you may have regarding our Company.