Client-Focused Core Philosophies


We provide solutions to complex problems, and we don’t waste time selling you labor and materials. You deserve to know the full price, upfront, before being asked to make a decision about maintenance, repairs or installations.

We charge by the project, not by the hour. Nobody should have to worry about paying extra money for a professional to take his time and be thorough, or be obligated to pay for the time a team takes to purchase additional materials.

Our service professionals can take their time, doing the job correctly and answering any and all questions you may have, without any extra cost to you. If any additional work is necessary or requested, we would again present pricing upfront before moving forward.

Also, if we aren’t able to help a client within their budget, we will tell them that upfront. We know that transparency is crucial for our customers, and we don’t want to waste their time.


We do not believe that an accurate repair quote can be provided over the phone. Too often, we’ve heard new clients mention that they received one quote over the phone from a company and a second, higher quote, once the professional was on the property.

For standard service types, we are more than happy to discuss our flat rate or typical pricing ranges with you. That usually includes our service fees, heating and air conditioning maintenance services, whole home surge protection, and real estate inspections. Pricing doesn’t fluctuate for these services as much as it does for repairs, so we believe the information we can provide on typical costs for those services is helpful to our clients.

We can also offer free estimates for larger projects, though we insist on a phone conversation first to ensure we don’t waste the client’s time if it’s not a problem we can solve for them.

For unplanned repairs, there are often many variables involved, so pricing a repair without seeing the situation in person doesn’t benefit the client. We don’t price repairs over the phone—not to be difficult, but because we want to give you the most accurate information so you can determine what is right for your budget. It would be dishonest for us to do that without seeing the problem.


Many companies in our industry have compensation models for their employees that are entirely derived from commissions they make from sales—even the service technicians. If they sell higher-end materials to their customers, that’s reflected in their take-home pay.

All of our revenue-producing employees are paid consistently, regardless of their sales production. We believe our service professionals should earn top pay for their skills and experience, and that they shouldn’t be penalized for respecting a client’s budget.

Fully commissioned pay scales in our industry leave the door wide open for some of the abusive practices that clients shy away from. Many of our employees come from the fully commissioned competitors, and have relayed feeling they had a conflict of interest. In order to take home money to their families, they had to pressure other families into paying more than they had bargained for.

Most of the companies in our market that you’ll see advertising aggressively on television have fully commissioned compensation models for their employees. These companies may not have your best interests in mind, but we have built our business model to be fair to our clients and to our employees. Feel free to find our reviews anywhere—they’ll tell the same story.