Why your furnace may not be turning off

It’s been a relatively cold winter so far in Central Oklahoma. We have responded to a lot of no-heat emergencies. But believe it or not, we’ve also made several service calls this winter because a homeowner’s heat wouldn’t turn off!

We’re always happy to help, but in many of these cases, our services weren’t entirely necessary to solve the problem. If your furnace won’t turn off, there are several things you can check (based on your comfort level) if you’d like to investigate the issue before making a service call. Often, that will save you time and money as a homeowner.

Thermostat issues

We always recommend starting with the simplest solutions first. It might seem overly simple, but it’s worth checking the thermostat—especially if you share your home with anyone else!

Compare the temperature setting for your thermostat with the current indoor and outdoor temperatures. If it’s 10 outside, 72 inside, and the thermostat is set to 80, that’s probably why your furnace won’t turn off!

Is your thermostat set to ‘Auto’ or perhaps ‘On’? This happens more often than you would think. If there are multiple people living in one home, thermostat settings tend to mysteriously change. It’s always worth taking a few moments to investigate before opening up your wallet.

Other potential issues

If your thermostat settings are not the issue, there a couple of other things that could be the cause of the problem.

Clogged air filters can make it more difficult for your furnace to reach the desired set temperature. This could cause it to run continuously—it’s trying with all its might to do what it’s being told!

Leaks in your air duct system are less likely to be the problem, but if you are losing heat due to these leaks, that can cause your furnace to run continuously. Your furnace will keep running trying to reach the desired set temperature, even though the hot air isn’t going where it needs to go.

Mechanical problems can also sometimes be the cause of a furnace that won’t stop running. Issues with your blower motor or a failed limit switch can cause the furnace to keep running. A faulty thermostat, while unlikely, could also be the cause.

In our experience, many times homeowners are able to correct the issue themselves if their furnace keeps running, which saves them time and money. But if you aren’t comfortable investigating, or find that some of the simpler solutions don’t resolve the issue, we are happy to come out and fully diagnose the source of the problem.

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