Enjoy LED light energy savings without sacrificing ambience

If you’ve been shopping for lightbulbs recently, you’ve probably noticed how overwhelming the selection is. There are probably twice as many options now as there were two years ago, and I’m sure in two years there will be more options than there are now.

As far as LED lighting goes, the investment for those bulbs has been steadily decreasing as the economics of supply and demand have run their course. Some of our Edmond and Oklahoma City clients have already switched to LED lighting for their homes and businesses because there’s quite a long-term savings with LED bulbs.

But the majority of our clients, especially our commercial clients, haven’t made the switch—for a variety of reasons. One of the more common reasons that our commercial clients give is that they don’t like the type of light that LED fixtures typically give off.

Fortunately, LED lighting is constantly evolving. We’re increasingly seeing the inclusion of filament-style LED bulbs, which look more like the incandescent (I/C) bulbs that many folks are used to. Want a refresher on the different types of light bulbs? Check this out.

LED filament-style bulbs are now being commonly used in many residential and commercial applications. The beautiful light put off by these bulbs is becoming increasingly popular in restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, coffee shops, and diners. These bulbs can capture the look and feel of typical Edison-style bulbs or tungsten filament bulbs while boasting lifespans of up to 15,000 hours, as compared to less than 1,000 hours for their I/C counterparts.

Another benefit to filament-style LED bulbs is that they produce 360-degree lighting. Many of the other LED bulbs on the market give you 180 to 270 degrees of light. That means that these filament-style LED bulbs are an ideal choice for open fixtures such as chandeliers, wall sconces, and lamps.

New LED options also include a range of color, from a soft orange glow to a bright white. The other benefits of LED lighting are still present, including longer lifespans, lower operating costs, and no maintenance—but now you have more options for the kind of ambiance you want to set with your LED lighting.

If you previously thought LED lighting didn’t make sense for your property, we would encourage you to think about it again.

OG&E is currently offering a generous rebate program for businesses who switch to LED lighting—we know dozens of clients who have already made the switch and received their rebate check. If this is something you would be interested in learning more about, we would be happy to visit with you today.

Thanks to the many available options, you can still reap the benefits of making the switch without sacrificing the quality and color of lighting you’re accustomed to.

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