Why we can’t give you a firm price over the phone

If I’m going to invest in a project, especially a large one, I’d like to know how much it’s going to cost before I commit to it. Most of the people who call us are the same way.

It can cause a lot of frustration when you take the time to make some phone calls and reach out to contractors about pricing a project on your house, only to find out that none of them will give you a quote over the phone. Maybe they’ll offer to send a salesperson out to your house to talk with you, but if you haven’t even committed to the project yet, why would you want to feel pressured to buy something?

Most contractors don’t want to set an unfair expectation around pricing. It’s always possible that when you quote a typical price for a particular service, you’ll get to the site and encounter something unexpected that forces you to add something to the price you gave over the phone. It’s uncomfortable all around.

I can’t speak for any other companies in our industry, but I know the reason that we don’t give firm prices over the phone is because we want to give our clients a fair, accurate price—and there are simply too many variables in most service calls to do so without going out to the site.

It’s important to us as a company to be helpful to our clients even though we can’t give a firm quote over the phone. We know that a lot of times, people call for prices because they want to gauge whether or not a project is feasible for them, and there are several things we do to help people decide on that question.

We can often provide a range of prices for budgetary purposes over the phone. Before that, we listen to your project goals and expectations and help you narrow down some of the many choices based on your needs. We may ask for photos or measurements to give us a better idea of the project difficulty and ease of access. If you have drawings or plan for a project, that can help us give you a more accurate budget, too.

Sometimes, after talking with a homeowner about their project, they decide to work with us to carry out the project. And sometimes that’s not the case. But either way, we’re happy to share our expertise, and it’s our hope that it saves people time and energy.

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