Improve security with outdoor sensor lights

Using outdoor sensor lights can improve the security of your property quickly and for a minimal investment. These sensors can detect when it’s dark outside and some can even detect motion in the area.

Utilizing a combination of these sensor types can help light key areas of the property and make your home less inviting for criminal activity.

Property crimes in Edmond and Oklahoma City have been on the rise. One of the main things criminals look for is an easy victim. A well-lit property utilizing motion and light sensors will often scare away potential criminals for a few different reasons.

Would-be burglars won’t have anywhere to hide. Utilizing spotlights around the property will ensure criminals cannot hide easily. If you can see them, you are in a much better position to defend yourself. This is an altercation you can be sure most burglars want to avoid.

These sensors don’t only sense motion, but can also be set to always come on when it’s dark. This can help you light certain areas of the property for safety, like areas near swimming pools, hot tubs, stairways, and decks.

If you’re out of town or out late, sensor lights will give your home the appearance that you are home even if you aren’t. They’ll turn on when it gets dark whether or not you’re home. That’s often an effective deterrent because burglars typically try to strike while the homeowner is away.

There’s an appropriate balance on the amount of lighting needed, of course. Your main goal should be visibility. Some lighting is too bright and can actually reduce visibility due to the stark contrast.

We recommend working with a reputable electrical contractor to install your outdoor security lights. You may even want to work with a security contractor to design something well-suited to your needs. Taking a proactive stance against crime may be all it takes to make your property a tougher target.

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