Reducing humidity in your home

While a humidifier in the winter can help keep your home more comfortable, humidity in the summer months is anything but comfortable. It’s not just uncomfortable—it can actually lead to mold and mildew!

How can you tell if your house’s humidity is a problem? Besides the obvious sticky feeling, here are things you may notice:

  • consistent condensation on glass doors and windows
  • mold around moist areas and on window frames—often it just looks like black dirt!
  • warping of woodwork and trim work
  • books showing signs of water damage
  • musty smells in the house
  • temperature feeling much hotter than the thermostat shows

If you’re looking for a scientific way to measure the humidity, a hygrometer will tell you how humid your room is, and you can get one for about $10-20. You can measure room by room with the hygrometer, preferably a couple times throughout the day, to get a specific reading of your humidity. You may only have humidity issues with only one or two rooms!

Here are three natural, free things you can do in your home to reduce humidity:

  • Ventilate! Move that air around. Open windows, run small fans and your exhaust fan if you can.
  • Take your houseplants outside. They increase humidity, which is great in the winter but not when It’s hot outside! it turns your house into a greenhouse.
  • Take shorter, cooler showers. Long, hot showers add humidity to the air.

You may also want to get a dehumidifier to address the issue. There are portable ones you can purchase just like a humidifier, but if humidity is a persistent issue in your house there are also large dehumidifiers you you can have installed with your heat and air system.

We can fix your humidity problem permanently with a professional solution, but we recommend trying a few of those options first—it’ll save you time and money if they reduce the humidity enough for your comfort!

If they don’t, we are happy to install a dehumidifier or add new exhaust and ventilation to your home or business, but you won’t hear us pressure you into it. If we discover there are underlying causes to the humidify that are out of our expertise (like window or roofing issues), we’ll be glad to recommend other contractors in the Edmond and Oklahoma City area who we respect.


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