Spring cleaning hacks

We all know that spring cleaning is important, but it can be so time consuming! I’ve found thirteen spring cleaning hacks that are time-savers and make use of common household items, so you can start enjoying your clean home sooner!

Clean hard water stains:

From your shower head

Lots of Oklahoma residents have to battle hard water in their homes. Try filling a sandwich bag with vinegar and baking soda, and attach it to your shower head. Your shower head will be clean when you remove the bag.

From your plumbing fixtures

Cut some lemons in half and scrub those surfaces and fixtures with the lemons. The acid will break down the hard water stains and help you easily clean them up.

From your shower door

Dryer sheets can remove hard water buildup from your shower door. You can even reuse them for this purpose after drying your clothes! Just wet them, add a little vinegar, and wipe to your heart’s content.

DIY air fresheners:

Vanilla extract air freshener

A few tablespoons of vanilla extract, baked in a mug at a low temperature, will eliminate funky odors and have your house smelling delicious in no time.

Bathroom air freshener

Instead of buying air fresheners for your bathroom, try adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the inside of the toilet paper roll.

Everything else:

Clean your toilet with Coca-Cola

No scrubbing required—just pour, flush, and admire.

Clean window and door tracks with vinegar

These tracks can quickly accumulate dirt and grime. This easy trick will wash it away quickly!

Remove lint with a razor and tape

Can’t find the lint roller? No problem. Gently run a shaving razor along the article of clothing to loosen and clump up the lint. Use tape to remove the accumulated lint.

Stinky trash bin solution

If your trash bin stinks even after you’ve taken the trash out, try this. Sprinkle some baking soda and vinegar in the bottom of the bin and place some newspaper or paper towels in the bottom to soak up any remaining moisture.

Clean crown molding with a broom and a towel

A damp towel wrapped around the business end of a broom can make a wonderful cleaning utensil, capable of reaching the highest crown molding in your house—no ladder required.

Deep clean your iron skillet

While warm, pour a cup of coarse kosher salt into your skillet and use a wet towel held in tongs to scour the pan. Discard the towel, rinse the pan, and dry it immediately to prevent rust.

Microwave your sponges

If you need to quickly disinfect your sponges between cleanings, just pop it in the microwave. Make sure there isn’t any metal in your sponge, though, or you may end up needing a new microwave!

Get crumbs out of the toaster

If you’re looking for clean house bonus points, use a pastry brush to help you get those pesky breadcrumbs out of the bottom of your toaster. Martha Stewart would be proud!

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