Scheduling spring maintenance

Regular maintenance on your home will give you time to address small problems before they become big problems. Spring is a great time to check your house for any issues that the winter months revealed or worsened. You might even find surprises in areas of your property that you aren’t around much!

I think that a biannual maintenance is great for HVAC systems, but that’s not the only part of your house that needs attention once the weather turns warmer. Some customers don’t even want biannual maintenance, and we don’t force them! In addition to having your HVAC system looked at, here are some other great ways to make sure your house is in great shape this season.


Walk around your property. Go slow! Take some time to look at corners, cracks, shingles, where your foundation meets your house, and anywhere else you can think of.

Roof: Look for shingles that have moved or are at odd angles. Those can indicate issues with your roof that could worsen or lead to water damage if not addressed.

Ground: Is there pooled water at your foundation? Your gutters may not be diverting runoff water well. Check to see if there are any foundation cracks, because those need to be fixed by a professional.

Walls: If you have brick walls, look for signs of water damage or cracking. For homes with wood siding, you’ll need to make sure all the siding is flush. Any gaps could allow access to pests.

Windows: Is your caulking or weather stripping in good shape? You could lose a lot of cool indoor air (and cash!) this summer if they aren’t. Now’s also a good time to clean your windows with a gentle cleaner.


Of course spring is a natural time to tackle cleaning projects that you don’t do very often. You might vacuum your upholstered furniture, deep-clean your carpet, dust your fan blades—removing dust and dirt will help you have a healthier spring.

There are places you’ll need to inspect inside, as well as outside, to make sure your home stays in good condition.

Attic: Look for mold and for signs of bugs or animals. Good ventilation in your attic will make it harder for mold to grow there.

Leaks: Check the connection on pipes and hoses in your kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms, and even your hot water heater. Make sure the connections are secure and the pipes aren’t leaking or collecting condensation.

Basement: If you have a basement, look at your concrete walls for cracks, and inspect any exposed wood for termite damage. Small damage will become a big problem if left unchecked!

Check regularly

Regular home maintenance checks are like check-ups at a doctor’s office, but for your house. As a homeowner, you want to know that things are in good condition— and if they aren’t, that you know who to call!

A check-up for your HVAC system should be done by a licensed professional. A lot of companies waste time trying to chase their customers to schedule biannual maintenance, or try to push clients into a contract they may not want.

We don’t like that model. Starting this year, we will be calling our clients to ask if they would like for us to come out and do maintenance on their system this spring. The weather needs to be warm enough to run the AC in order for us to do a proper maintenance visit.

We’re not trying to sell labor and materials by pushing maintenance, but we want to make sure we offer it to any of our customers who may want it.

And for those who don’t, at least change your air filters!! Your nose will thank you.

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