Why am I paying a service fee?

If your knee needs replacing, how confident would you be in the ability of a surgeon who hasn’t evaluated your knee before the operation? Would you want your doctor to prescribe you potentially harmful medicine on another doctor’s diagnosis? Are you wary of doctor’s offices that don’t require a fee for a visit?

When it comes to our physical health, we expect to make a reasonable investment of time and money in order to live a healthier life in the long run. Unfortunately, unfair and inconsistent industry service fees have left customers distrustful of that initial contact for home repairs. There’s a wide discrepancy in how much service fees (or trip charges, dispatch fees, show-up fees, etc.) will cost a client, and uncertainty about what that covers.

We understand why clients sometimes try to choose a repair with the lowest initial price tag, or hire a technician to do a job that someone else has inspected. But we want to set the standard for fair and understandable service fees, so here’s what you can expect with one from Baxter Electric.

Our service fee includes a show-up fee and a thorough diagnostic of the problem, like a doctor’s office visit. This includes a diagnosis of the problem and some time to talk and have a conversation about that issue and any others you may want to have looked at; we aren’t trying to get in and out of your house in ten minutes. We’ll provide you an up-front description of at least one solution including the estimated cost of the repair.

If you decide not to have the repair done at the time of the service call, we will not charge you a second service fee for coming out to complete approved work. We charge a flat $99 for that one-time service fee, which we’ve found to be a fair market price. But it’s not a bad idea to call around and ask about others’ service fees— how much they charge, and what that includes.

We aren’t medical professionals, but many of our technicians have 30 years of experience. We think that makes them great assets for your residential or commercial repair needs.

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