Raising the bar on gardening

Raised garden beds are cropping up everywhere from urban yards to the outskirts of town— and with good reason. Raised beds are a versatile solution to a variety of gardening challenges, and they’re relatively easy to set up whether you’re a novice or a pro.

Could a raised bed be a good spring project for your family?

What’s so great about raised beds?

Raised beds benefit the plants and the gardener. Because they are off the ground, raised beds can provide better drainage than a typical garden plot. They help prevent soil compacting and erosion, as well, since the soil can’t go anywhere outside the sides of the container.

The beds keep pathway beds from infiltrating your soil (and make it easier to pull them!) and if the beds are lined underneath, they keep critters from getting into your crop.

Gardeners will appreciate the higher soil level of raised beds, making weeding, pruning, and harvesting easier. Raised beds often have a ledge going around the side of the container, which makes for a nice bench.

Using a raised garden bed can mean less back pain for you as a gardener!

How can I make one?

Raised garden beds can be made out of almost anything that can stand up to Oklahoma weather! You can use anything from cinderblocks, used tires, pallets, galvanized steel railings, wine boxes, logs, to railroad ties—even water troughs. Typically, though, raised beds are constructed simply from sturdy wood and liners.

You can even buy a kit! Weed ‘em and Reap offers several different tutorials for creating one of your own.

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