Should you switch to LED Christmas lights?

You may or may not take Christmas lights to the level that Clark Griswold did in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. But most people enjoy Christmas lights, so we’ve got some information that could save you hassle and money. Let’s talk about replacing your incandescent Christmas lights with LED Christmas lights.

The first thing to know is that LED Christmas lights are a long-term money and hassle saver.

Incandescent lights seem to only last a year or two. They’re inexpensive, but after a couple of Christmas’s you get tired of some strands working and others not. Nobody likes running to the store to buy new lights only to discover that one bulb was the problem.

LED Christmas lights can last around 10 years. Not only do they last long, they’re also energy savers. LED lights in general use only a fraction of electricity compared to their incandescent counterparts, and making the switch can save you hundreds of dollars in electricity costs.

That sounds great, right? And you’re going to be gung-ho about going all-LED until you start adding up the cost. Odds are you’re really going to have trouble spending four figures at once on Christmas lights.

Here’s a solution that allows you to slowly phase out incandescent Christmas lights without going broke.

Every year, phase in some LED lights. Take a few strands of incandescents that don’t work or just need replacing, and replace them with LEDs. That way, you don’t spend more than you’re comfortable with spending.

Every year you get some energy savings out of adding LEDs and removing incandescent strands. And every year you spend a lot less time with burned-out lights!

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