Don’t void your HVAC warranty

If something’s wrong with your heater, you’re probably already paying for it to be fixed. That’s why it’s a very bad idea to go DIY on the unit and void your warranty.

Of course trying to fix a problem yourself isn’t the only way to void your warranty. Here are a couple of other ways you could make that happen.

Register the warranty

It’s the simplest way to screw up your warranty. Most of the time this simply requires submitting an online form to register the warranty for your A/C or furnace unit.

Don’t try to fix problems by yourself

Most of our units come with a 5 year warranty on the parts, 10 year warranty on the compressor and a year’s worth of labor warranty. When you bought the unit you paid for that. So what sense does it make to run the risk of voiding your warranty and also fail to fix the problem when you’ve paid for the HVAC company to do it?

Sign up for the maintenance plan

Some homeowners aren’t so eager to sign up for a maintenance plan. Unfortunately, in many cases the regular maintenance plan is what will keep the warranty valid. HVAC units need regular care, and it makes the most sense to sign up for that care the moment that you have the unit installed.

Get qualified service technicians and keep records

Many manufacturers will void a warranty if they discover that off-brand parts were used or that the service was conducted by somebody who wasn’t qualified to work on the unit. Your best bet is to always call the company that installed the HVAC unit to ensure that you’re getting help from a technician who’s qualified. It’s also important to keep records of what maintenance work was done.

The bottom line is to avoid messing with your HVAC unit on your own when you’ve already paid certified technicians to do it.

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