Could your furnace be staining your ceiling?

Have you ever notice a strange yellowing with grey and black particles on your ceilings?

It appears in odd shapes, seemingly out of nowhere. The appearance of these shapes is sometimes called “ghosting.” Often they’re mistaken for a water leak.

In reality, these spots can be caused by a faulty furnace, and they could be your signal that it’s time to get help.

The grey and black particles that you might see on your ceiling are the physical product of combustion in your furnace. There may also be other dirt and particulates mixed in as well.

Ghosting is something that occurs gradually. Particles are carried through the house and accumulate at a certain spot on your ceiling due to moisture, amongst other factors.

There are several things that could cause this kind of an accumulation problem. Soot from the fireplace, even your gas fireplace or cooktop can lead to ghosting. Burning a lot of candles could create this type of soot.

In some cases, your house might be suffering from negative pressure. This happens when a house is sealed too tight. Dirt, soot and other particles are actually sucked out of your vents and into the living area. This can be particularly bad if you suffer from allergies.

The worst case scenario is that ghosting is happening in your home because your furnace isn’t functioning properly. A poorly-working furnace doesn’t do a great job of combustion. Often, particulates like the black particles on your ceiling are the result.

If that’s the case, it’s time to get an expert to have a look. And since it’s winter-time, you’ll want to get that issue taken care of before your furnace finally quits.

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